NEWS: We’ve Got Stickers!!!

With the new business cards I also ordered some stickers to sell at Comitia. They do look really cute, don’t they?

I’m still working out pricing. Right now I’m planning on selling them for 100 yen (one dollar) each. The two zombie stickers are not for sale. If you spend 1000 yen or more at my table (I’ll also be selling comics) you can pick one as a special prize!

So, how do those prices sound folks? Let me know in the comments.

One more thing, which one do you think is the cutest? ­čśÇ

NEWS: New Business Cards

Guess what all you awesome folk?!  I got myself some new business cards!

Maybe you didn’t know but I ran out of my last batch, so I did a bit of a redesign on the front and added even more pictures on the back! You never know what cool image you might end up with.

And for those of you who already have my card, this might be an opportunity to snag a different design.

One more thing: you might notice that on the bottom right hand corner there’s a II noting that this is phase 2. Maybe with your help these things might become collectors items one day ­čśë

… one can dream, can’t they?

All the best and see you again soon. Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: Just a Little About Life

Good morning (evening?) my wonderful readers,

Little by little preparations are being made for my trip to Tokyo. Still don’t have a book printed, though. Working on a few more comics to add. I’m not really sure how long printing takes, so I might screw myself. Worst case scenario, I could always make some combini copies (copies made at a convenience store).

Since there’s a lot going on, lets talk about distractions.

First distraction: TV

Not just any TV, “The Legend of Korra” has started airing again and it is soooo good. The first season was pretty ok, but this one is looking to be much better. I’m guessing that one show isn’t that bad of a distraction…

So there’s also a new season of “Always Sunny in Philadelphia!!!” This is a great time of the year. Finally have some good shows to watch… there’s been this lull between the end of Futurama and now. Happiness!!

Ok, so you say that just two shows still really isn’t that bad, right? Enter the YouTube…

Doug Walker

That Guy With Glasses

Yeah, I’ve started subscribing to a few channels here and there and it’s become a nice way to blow an hour or two (not nice… horrible). Pop on an episode or two of the Nostalgia Critic, watch a few Android: Netrunner matches, study some fighting game tutorials (see below), follow up on what’s happening with Team Coco, or just fall down a YouTube hole of random crap. Argh! Get me out of here!!!!

The big distraction: Video games

Not just any video games. We’re talking about fighting games. I love ’em, I always have. ┬áRecently a game called Skullgirls came out for PC and it got me back into my fighting game addiction. Man, this game is great!

It’s a bit of a rarity that I win matches… but it happens once in a while.

The art is really nice to look at, the animation quality is top notch, and the game system is a whole lot of fun! It reminded me of playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 at first. A lot of people complain about the crazy combo system, but for others and myself, that’s part of this game’s charm. It’s easy to combo so you’re able to come up with some awesome chains if you practice and get creative. Unfortunately, I’m not there yet and almost every time I step into an online match I get my pixeld butt royally handed to me. Must… practice… more!

So, this game and the fact that I can actually play online against real people (I don’t know any people in real life) has kind of opened my FG craze again. I picked up some arcade sticks (regular controllers give me blisters and I have trigger finger).

This got me back into other fighting games I love. I already had a slew of them for PS1 and PS2 (this isn’t including my collection in the US) and I’ve been compelled to peruse the used section for nice finds every time I step into a game store. Picked up yet another copy of Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (Soooo good) as well as King of Fighters 2002 for the PS2. ┬áStreet Fighter x Tekken also went on sale so I’ve been playing that too.

Still getting used to the Tag system…

This made me go back to the game center and try to play Street Fighter 4… and I was gang raped. Of course I’m now constantly fighting off the desire to play 3000 yen to buy SF4 on steam so I can practice and show those arcade bullies that I can fight back! Must… not… buy… another game!!

Help me out here. How do you overcome these distraction? How do you fight off these addictions or at least suppress them in order to be productive? Anyway, I’m going to attempt to get back to work on my comics.

More to come real soon!!

UPDATE: Comitia 106 & Other News


So I’ve bitten the bullet and signed up for a spot at Comitia 106 in Tokyo. I’ll either boost my self-esteem or destroy it… I’m not fully prepared for this. I don’t have a great printing of my comic yet, my “Circle Cut” is pretty amateurish, and I’ve no idea what I’m getting myself into. But, if you happen to be in Tokyo October 20th, come to Big Site and buy my comics!!


I’m doing this to learn, get ideas, and meet new people. The money has been paid and I signed up to be in the “Seinen” section (adolescent comics). Now I just have to wait for my table number and further instructions. I’ll keep you posted!!


After finishing up the fantasy pictures, I got back to working on comics. There are two I’m currently trying to finish off.


To cover up the horrid composition (I was still a student) and poor inking technique (no excuses), for some silly reason I decided to fully color this one. Yay! Not like I’m under any time restrains or anything. Thought this one would be quicker than the mix comic because it didn’t involve a laborious amount of time scribbling in ballpoint pen. But I remedied that by going FULL COLOR!! That’s the luxury of making your own comics. You can do whatever you feel like. Just don’t hope to print it at a reasonable price ­čśë


Also!! I’m not sure if he’s still taking preorders, but be sure to head over to and order yourself a copy of a the new comic compilation “5-Track Mind” by the uber talented David Piper! I also got a few stories in there so that’s all the more reason for you to pick one up ­čśÇ


I’m going to keep at it so be sure to stay tuned for more comic news from A.C. Galaga Studios!!

Rock on, gang!


Project: Completed! – Just a Quickie

Hey all,

Just a quick update on what’s happening here.

I just finished a small job where I was asked to do characters of a few employees for a news letter. I guess they turned out okay.

photo (4)

It reminded me of when I was in HS and used to doodle pictures of friends on my text book. Some of them were cool with it, others insisted that it looked nothing like them. Once, a sort of a fight broke out over one of my doodles. One person refused to believe that the doodle looked anything like her, but many others said it did. It was just a cartoon, but there was much dispute. A third party was brought over to be the judge. She said it looked more like a baby monkey… we all laughed and started calling the girl a baby monkey.

The name eventually spread to students that hadn’t even seen the picture and the girl was constantly tormented for the next week or so. I heard that in one of her classes someone threw a plastic banana at her. Other’s would leave bananas covered in messages in her locker.

I guess it eventually stopped after a while. ┬áThere is no real resolution to this story. I do really feel bad about helping torment that poor girl. Kids are stupid and cruel and I was no different. This is probably why I have a hard time doing character pictures of people I know. Whenever they say, “That doesn’t look like me.” I feel like I did something bad.


Well… I’d best be getting back to those fantasy character sketches. Still about a month to go, so I want to cram them out as quickly as possible!! Ganbaro!!!

photo (5)

Update: Some New Work

Hey folks,

Just a small update on what’s happening at ACGalaga Studios ­čśë

photo (3)

My current Mix Comic is on pause for a little bit as I cram out some character illustrations for my buddy HyveMynd over at Idle Red Hands.

Seems he’s going off to Gateway Con 2013 in August and needs some character illustrations for a game he’s running there. Not sure what system, but I can certainly confirm it’s a fantasy setting. If you happen to be heading out to that con, hit up HyveMynd on Twitter and see if you can get a spot in his game.

The above images are not at all finished. I’m messing around how I’m going to produce the final line art. Both will be light-boxed. The one on the left was sketched in blueline, then a quick pen on top for a little definition. The one on the right was real roughly sketched out in pencil. Both will be traced on the light-box and inked with pigment pens (most likely).

I tried the method on the left first, but switched. I just wasn’t feeling good balance with the blueline pencil. It was so faint and thin (mechanical pencil blueline). I feel more comfortable sketching it out with a somewhat blunt #2 or B pencil, adding bits of detail with a sharper point, then doing the blueline on a new slice of paper via the light-box.

Well, back to work! Thanks for stopping by and keep being awesome!!

A New Mix in the Works

A while back I came up with the 5-Track Challenge where one chooses 5 “visual” and inspiring songs and arranges them in a playlist to somewhat tell a story. That playlist is then given to another artist and their challenge is to create a 3-5 page comic based on whatever comes to mind while listening to the mix.

Sunday Ink’s David Piper and I have been passing these back and forth for a little while now. He’s currently on his third while I’m on my second. Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep up this process and have a nice little collection of awesome music inspired one-shot comics.

Here’s a little bit of the progress I’ve mad so far on the current mix.

image (4)

I don’t have all of the process documented, but I usually reserve a chunk of time, grab a cup of tea, clear my mind, and drift away to the tunes. Sometimes I’m out of practice and the first bit of the music often confuses me. What is it going to be about? What is this song making me see? Can’t fret… must not worry about these things, continue to listen, and the ideas will start coming to mind. The thing is, ideas may not always come to you durring first or even the second track. It’s the whole playlist that is the story. Maybe it’s something in track 4 or 5 that brings you that “AHA” moment.

Sure enough, thoughts become images and I start to see a story. I listen to the playlist again, and again. This time I doodle images, and write notes. Unfortunately, with this one, I wrote a whole lot of notes. I think there were 3-4 pages of a written outline with thumbs and doodles. There’s only 5 pages to work with so I had to take that outline to the chopping block. This is hard because I would have loved to keep all the visuals and transitions I saw… but many take up at least a page or two. Did I choose the best parts? I dunno… but I’ll continue to listen to the music as I refine these ideas into thumbnails.

image (1)

Ok, So the pages are laid out and it comes down to the lengthy process of inking. Unfortunately, I decided to do a portion of this comic in ballpoint pen, which is an even lengthier process than normal inking. On top of that, there are quite a few panels with architecture… which is actually easier to do in ballpoint pen since it’s all scribbly and you don’t have to worry as much about line-weight. However, drawing lots of buildings takes time.

image (2)

It all starts to look like scribbly mud to me which means it’s time to move on. I can always come back to it to redefine certain features with fresh eyes.

So I’m working with a B5 live area which has it’s pros and cons. It’s small enough that I can throw it in a folder and work on it anywhere. Also, When it comes to shading, there’s not as much to shade. But sometimes, things get a little too small. See those tiny people in the center right panel? It’s so difficult to add definition to drawings that small.

photo (2)

Another thing that makes rendering in ballpoint pen a lengthy process is that you often have to mask a lot of stuff. This panel wasn’t that difficult to mask, but the one below it will be a quite fun (sarcasm) since I don’t want to scribble all over my character in the foreground.

It’s important to finish the area you masked off in one sitting. If you decide to take a break and come back to it later, the humidity in the air will make the glue in the tape all the more sticky. When you peel it off the page will tear. I speak from experience (and it is a painful experience). Finish the area you’re working on and remove the masking from your page as soon as possible.

Well, need to get back to it so keep an eye on for more updates!!

If you’d like to check out DPi’s and my other Mixes click the links below ­čÖé

5-Track Mind – by David Piper

Lightspeed – by David Piper

Western Mix – A.C. Galaga

Party on, dudes!

COMIC: Robo/Girl: Home Sweet Home

Cover Pic


Check out the latest collaborative comic by A.C. Galaga and David Piper over at!!

First time in a while that I just wrote a comic, but it has been a great experiences. Glad to know people like Dave who help motivate me to create more cool comic stuffs!

Now I best be getting back to the drawing table and finish off some of these long overdue pages I’ve been working on.

COMIC: Cyberpunk & Robogirl

Sketch by David Piper

Above is an amazing sketch by David Piper for our upcoming comic (title TBA)!!

We worked this one out together based on my outline and scripts. It’s an honor┬áhaving┬áhis incredible┬áimaginative┬átechniques┬ávisualizing my words ­čÖé He’s got a lot going on in the projects department at the moment, but he’s already produced some great stuff for this comic despite his tight schedule. Be sure to root him on over at his visit his Sunday Ink FB page!!

Also, you can click the images to read more about it on his blog over at!

Here are a few more images of his work in progress.

D-Pi’s sweet page designs!

A rare WIP page draft! Woo hoo!

Just a quick heads up for now. Stay tuned for more information!!


Back in the Habit

New setup in Osaka

New setup

This post is a little belated but I have to get back into the habit of regular updates on my latest adventures and creations!

So, as many of you may know, I’ve just moved to the bustling city of Osaka! Sure, the countryside was nice, but I need to be a little closer to where “things” happen.

The move was tricky. Set me back a little on production as well as money (still suffering on the money end). We arrived at a nice new empty apartment. It surely would have been nice to sit somewhere rather than the floor, so a trip to Ikea and Yamada Denki┬áremedied┬áthat… but in the process killed my bank account.

A few weeks after arriving (and a bajillion yet later) Rie and I were finally living┬ácomfortably┬áin our new place! The above picture is my new work area (which is no longer as tidy). It’s certainly a great feeling to finally have an office/drawing table. Sure beats my last area which was an old, half folded kitchen table in the corner of the living/”everything except the sleeping area” room.

Then the distraction factors kicked in again…

The day job isn’t bad but it certainly uses up a lot of my energy. M-F 7-5 I’m out and about yelling set English expressions at JHS students who really couldn’t care less. They’re still some pretty good kids at my job which certainly makes it worth while. But jeeze, if I ever start making some bread at this art gig (when?) I’ll certainly be looking into cutting back on the teaching hours.

Other distractions… VIDEO GAMES!! During the move I went back to playing Pokemon on my DS which was a huge mistake. My bouts with Pokemon are like fits of depression. There’s no doing anything but for a few days. It’s a horrid addiction, really. Think I spent an entire day trying to catch all the UNNOWN alphabet. Somehow I mustered up the energy to remove myself from the game and doodle this picture.


Glad that’s over!! Haven’t touched the game since. Now I need to figure a way to manage my Guild Wars 2 addiction!!!

Anyway, I’m back to making comics which is great! Be sure to check here frequently because I’ve certainly more to tell you about (Such as my excellent adventure to Tokyo for the Comitia/International Comic Fest) as well as a few new comics on the way!

All the best and talk to you again soon!!

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