Back in the Habit

New setup in Osaka

New setup

This post is a little belated but I have to get back into the habit of regular updates on my latest adventures and creations!

So, as many of you may know, I’ve just moved to the bustling city of Osaka! Sure, the countryside was nice, but I need to be a little closer to where “things” happen.

The move was tricky. Set me back a little on production as well as money (still suffering on the money end). We arrived at a nice new empty apartment. It surely would have been nice to sit somewhere rather than the floor, so a trip to Ikea and Yamada Denki remedied that… but in the process killed my bank account.

A few weeks after arriving (and a bajillion yet later) Rie and I were finally living comfortably in our new place! The above picture is my new work area (which is no longer as tidy). It’s certainly a great feeling to finally have an office/drawing table. Sure beats my last area which was an old, half folded kitchen table in the corner of the living/”everything except the sleeping area” room.

Then the distraction factors kicked in again…

The day job isn’t bad but it certainly uses up a lot of my energy. M-F 7-5 I’m out and about yelling set English expressions at JHS students who really couldn’t care less. They’re still some pretty good kids at my job which certainly makes it worth while. But jeeze, if I ever start making some bread at this art gig (when?) I’ll certainly be looking into cutting back on the teaching hours.

Other distractions… VIDEO GAMES!! During the move I went back to playing Pokemon on my DS which was a huge mistake. My bouts with Pokemon are like fits of depression. There’s no doing anything but for a few days. It’s a horrid addiction, really. Think I spent an entire day trying to catch all the UNNOWN alphabet. Somehow I mustered up the energy to remove myself from the game and doodle this picture.


Glad that’s over!! Haven’t touched the game since. Now I need to figure a way to manage my Guild Wars 2 addiction!!!

Anyway, I’m back to making comics which is great! Be sure to check here frequently because I’ve certainly more to tell you about (Such as my excellent adventure to Tokyo for the Comitia/International Comic Fest) as well as a few new comics on the way!

All the best and talk to you again soon!!

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