UPDATE: Comitia 106 & Other News


So I’ve bitten the bullet and signed up for a spot at Comitia 106 in Tokyo. I’ll either boost my self-esteem or destroy it… I’m not fully prepared for this. I don’t have a great printing of my comic yet, my “Circle Cut” is pretty amateurish, and I’ve no idea what I’m getting myself into. But, if you happen to be in Tokyo October 20th, come to Big Site and buy my comics!!


I’m doing this to learn, get ideas, and meet new people. The money has been paid and I signed up to be in the “Seinen” section (adolescent comics). Now I just have to wait for my table number and further instructions. I’ll keep you posted!!


After finishing up the fantasy pictures, I got back to working on comics. There are two I’m currently trying to finish off.


To cover up the horrid composition (I was still a student) and poor inking technique (no excuses), for some silly reason I decided to fully color this one. Yay! Not like I’m under any time restrains or anything. Thought this one would be quicker than the mix comic because it didn’t involve a laborious amount of time scribbling in ballpoint pen. But I remedied that by going FULL COLOR!! That’s the luxury of making your own comics. You can do whatever you feel like. Just don’t hope to print it at a reasonable price 😉


Also!! I’m not sure if he’s still taking preorders, but be sure to head over to Sundayink.com and order yourself a copy of a the new comic compilation “5-Track Mind” by the uber talented David Piper! I also got a few stories in there so that’s all the more reason for you to pick one up 😀


I’m going to keep at it so be sure to stay tuned for more comic news from A.C. Galaga Studios!!

Rock on, gang!


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