Project: Completed! – Just a Quickie

Hey all,

Just a quick update on what’s happening here.

I just finished a small job where I was asked to do characters of a few employees for a news letter. I guess they turned out okay.

photo (4)

It reminded me of when I was in HS and used to doodle pictures of friends on my text book. Some of them were cool with it, others insisted that it looked nothing like them. Once, a sort of a fight broke out over one of my doodles. One person refused to believe that the doodle looked anything like her, but many others said it did. It was just a cartoon, but there was much dispute. A third party was brought over to be the judge. She said it looked more like a baby monkey… we all laughed and started calling the girl a baby monkey.

The name eventually spread to students that hadn’t even seen the picture and the girl was constantly tormented for the next week or so. I heard that in one of her classes someone threw a plastic banana at her. Other’s would leave bananas covered in messages in her locker.

I guess it eventually stopped after a while.  There is no real resolution to this story. I do really feel bad about helping torment that poor girl. Kids are stupid and cruel and I was no different. This is probably why I have a hard time doing character pictures of people I know. Whenever they say, “That doesn’t look like me.” I feel like I did something bad.


Well… I’d best be getting back to those fantasy character sketches. Still about a month to go, so I want to cram them out as quickly as possible!! Ganbaro!!!

photo (5)

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