Sketches: D&D Inspired

So if you didn’t know, I’ve been playing a lot of Dungeons & Dragons lately. I’ve also had my first real experience being a GM and it’s something I really enjoy and must get better at.

Before I went home for the winter holiday, I told my co-worker that I was kinda wanting to play D&D again. He said he’d be up for it. After the holiday vacation I came back with some core books and, with a group of colleagues, started playing every week or two. The campaign has had its ups and downs but everyone has been enjoying it for the most part.

Doing this has reminded me how much I really enjoyed playing RPGs as a kid and has gotten me a little hooked (obsessive) again. It started with D&D but I’ve been really curious to check out other systems and settings. As long as I’m careful not to buy too much, this has been a great exercise in creativity and has gotten me doodling more often.

Well that’s all for now. About to move new apartment in Osaka soon but I’ll keep the “Tangent Tuesday” posts one way or another. Need to get ready for another D&D game now~~

Rock on!

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