Comic: Don and the Stop Light

An oldie but still fun. Have yet to post  this comic online.

Click on the images to view!

Originally printed in GenkiFace 4 and A.C.Galaga’s Tangents Of Insanity 1, this is a short snippet from an un-produced script I wrote for the BLARG! Universe. I intend to soon re-work the rough draft and produce it one way or another. I’d love to do a motion picture version, but might just do a comic instead. Or both!

So this post represents two new trends for my site. First, the beginning steps in attempts to better the site I’m trying out uploading my comics as .pdf files. However, can’t seem to get the file size down, so if you have any suggestions, comment away!! Also, let me know if you think there’s a better way to view the comics (I think the pdf is good for tablets and smartphones).

The second thing is, please keep me to this routine by bugging me on my FB page or G+ page, but this is the first post of Tangent Tuesdays! I’d like to keep up the habit of weekly updates every Tuesday. Stay tuned!!


I’m working at getting the files to load quicker, but which size do you think looks better?  A or B

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