2018 April Sketches

A new addition to A.C. Galaga studios is my monthly sketch post. A little behind but each month I’ll just dump some sketches here just to show what I’ve been working on / practicing. Just a whole lot of practice these days.

The first two are just some sketches from photo reference. As you can see in the second image, I’m trying practice digital painting. The third image is an original digital sketch of one of my O-town characters.

I was also practicing gesture drawing on the tablet by sketching the frames of fighting game characters. Can you guess which characters these are?


I made this image for the Geek Madness on Board Game Geek to show which LCG faction I’m aligned with. This was in my April Sketches folder so thought I’d post it here.


Hope you enjoy the sketches. Please leave some comments below and I’ll be uploading some more when I can soon so come back again soon!


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