Comic: Western Mix


This was my entry for “round 1” of an ongoing project my friend David Piper and I are doing tentatively titled “Mix Tape” or “Five Track Mind.”  I’ll explain more about that challenge/project later.

So I listened to the five tracks David sent and it took me about a month to produce these 5 pages. Need to speed that up a bit 😉

If you can get your hands on the music, please listen to it while you read as if it’s a soundtrack to the comic.

Keep an eye out for a “making of” discussion next week!



Also, please check out Dave’s awesome Round 1 and Round 2 entries to our project by clicking on the links.

One thought on “Comic: Western Mix

  1. Fantastic work, Alan! It was a great project, and I hope you’re proud of the final result. I know I am! It’s turned into a really moving comic. I totally agree with your comment, and suggest to your readers to try reading it again with the track list playing.

    I’m looking forward to the ‘making of’ next week!

    Dave 🙂

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