Comic: Pop Idol

Made in 2007 for Dave DeRue‘s comic zine. Not sure if it ever got published or not, but it still a fun comic to pass around ūüėČ

At the time, my roommates were addicted to that show American Idol. I noticed the really got off ¬†when people who¬†weren’t¬†that great were torn appart and¬†embarrassed. I didn’t really care for this myself, but I was made to watch a few episodes due to sharing living space with them.

That and quick blips of other things on TV (US was warring at the time so…) is what¬†inspired¬†this¬†satirical¬†piece. ¬†You’ll seriously see some absurd things when you give up watching broadcasted TV and watch it¬†objectively.



An oldie but goldie! Check out the Blarg! spin-off comic featuring the Capt. and the first appearance of Kid Zero!!

If you’ve read it before, read it again! Then leave some feedback!!

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Movie: Pennies From Heaven

For¬†those¬†who haven’t¬†seen it or those who want to see it again, click the banner above!!

Comic: Pretty Dress Store

One of my first zombie comics, made in my college days with ball pen and food coloring! Check it out!!

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Walking With Zombies #003

Walking With Zombies #002

Walking With Zombies #001

This is the first of the Kidd Zero solo storyline in a series titled “Waling With Zombies” or WWZ for short. This is a spin-off character from a comic spin-off of the movie I made, titled “BLARG!” (that was one crazy sentence!)¬† Originally, this was mad for my buddy Drew McKay’s comic site (which has been long since dead).¬† You’ll soon read about where this comic is going in a future post.

Walking With Zombies


I’ve decided to start uploading my comics to this Blog. I’ll try to get a more efficient site soon, but for now this will do fine.

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